Welcome to the Party

Apparently Colin Goddard and his father are going to start blogging. I look forward to thoughtful and engaging debate in the comments section.

UPDATE: His Twitter page here:

CAC ’03 & VT ’08 Alum, born in Nairobi, Kenya, currently working at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence in D.C. as an advocate for sensible gun laws.

Born in Kenya. That’s going to be a hoot for the tin foil hat crowd. Just like Obama! We haven’t seen Colin’s birth certificate either!

18 thoughts on “Welcome to the Party”

  1. “thoughtful and engaging debate in the comments section”

    Hahahahaha! You’re so funny, Sebastian. Comments section,


    “In future blogs we will talk about all aspects of the gun debate”

    this tool doesn’t even know the difference between a “blog” and a “post” on a blog.

    They aren’t writing a blog, they’re authoring a press release. The lack even the self awareness and honesty of Joan Peterson.

  2. Semi-automatic assault pistols? I did not know there was such a thing. Now I want one.

  3. I’m actually sort-of dreading this. I have a pretty visceral distaste for the sort of victim mentality he pushes, and frankly, knowing some very smart Virginia Tech students, am not 100% sure I think that his beliefs are genuinely held.

    I don’t think I’m the only one, either. I would not be surprised if discussions do not stay civil, unfortunately.

  4. Ah. More reasonable discourse from JaPete’s followers.

    Well maybe someone at Handgun Control Inc. read your post about it being harder to blog about gun issues and decided to help you out.

    More stupid arguments to tear apart.

  5. An assault pistol is any small handheld firearm with sights. Why would you want sights unless you were going to shoot someone?

  6. Nothing like a coward demanding the rest of us stay as helpless as he was so he doesn’t feel so bad about it.

    Hence why I’ll probably stay a little distance from the discussion. I’ve had it with trying to be polite. It’s useless to discuss things with them. They delete or don’t approve comments that undermine their weak arguments.

    Oh, I’ll expose their garbage on my own blog, with links to theirs to boot so that Google picks up the connection, but I’ve tired of putting effort into refuting their claims only to have my comment get eaten by Reasoned Discource.

  7. Is there even going to be a discussion? Or will it be more of the same Brady’s ‘preaching from on high’ type of blog?

  8. There’s even a tag at the blog called “Reasoned Discourse”


    So, I wonder about his opinion of his fellow students that feel MORE guns would be better on the campus? One fellow even wrote about the attack that day, saying that he was on the 2nd floor, without his normally carried pistol, and that he could have possibly stopped the whole thing….

  9. If you follow the link I left in the first comment, it takes you to their “blog.”

    You will notice that it is behind the same wall as Helmke’s “blog” and there are no comments

  10. Of course, if they allowed comments, we would surely present our arguments.. again… and THEN they would play the victim card of how we are attacking Colin simply because we want to discuss this issues that he wants to talk about.

  11. What they have to say for me is pretty good, although I think “assault pistol” is stupid. What they have to say you guys oppose. But what’s the big deal about whether or not they allow comments?

  12. That’s too Easy, Mike.

    They don’t take comments because in any “reasoned discourse,” the gunbanners lose. There is little “reason” to their – or your – discourse. Just breathless hype, unsubstantiated claims, and fear mongering.

    “Reason” is on the side of freedom.

  13. So that brings the number of antigun blogs up to… what… four? five? I wonder how long this one will go on before they get bored.

    Would they have any readership at all if it weren’t for Linoge and Weer’d obsessively hitting “refresh”? :D

  14. To be Fair Tam, I’m cutting way back, and focusing my desire to watch bigots jape to Joan Peterson who happens to be featured on the Brady website.
    : ]

  15. Tam, You’re certainly right about my blog. Most of the visitors are pro-gun folks who strongly disagree with me. It makes for a lively discourse, perhaps even “reasoned” at times. Most of the pro-gun sites, like yours for example, strive in various ways to maintain an almost total agreement of opinion. Often it goes much further like when Breda posted a video of herself breaking one or two of the 4 Rules of Gun Safety and the sycophants like Mike W., and dozens of others, defended her.

    The overall numbers are a reflection of the apathy which afflicts folks who don’t own guns. They’re not interested in the gun debate. In fact the same apathy also afflicts most who do own guns. You’ve got a couple hundred extremists who spout their ideas through the medium of blogging. They are passionate, but extremely homogeneous. They’re all repeating the same old things, picking them up from each other and repeating and repeating. And naturally, you accuse the other side of doing that.

  16. Keep telling yourself that most of the people who do own guns are apathetic Mike. It’s why the NRA has millions of paying members while the Brady Bunch has… dozens.

    Keep thinking about us as extremists while gun rights continue to expand because the voters and the politicians have no problems passing less stringent requirements.

    Keep thinking that telling the truth is somehow nothing more than rote typing. To you, we might seem repetitive, but it’s because we’re refuting the same, tired arguments the gun banners try over and over. It’s working, see the previous paragraph.

    I’ve just started getting out from behind the keyboard to start doing real, behind the scenes work. One thing I can tell you is that the Brady Campaign has no pull as an organization. The hardest thing for us is overcoming the ignorance of which you gladly engage in.

    But keep telling yourself you’re right. It makes our job easier.

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