Horror Movie

I’m relatively amused by calling Colin Goddard’s “Living for 32” the “Virginia Tech Massacre Movie.” Joe Huffman has an observation about Goddard:

It occurs to me that the Brady Campaign is promoting Goddard as an expert and the media is accepting that. But does he have any training or expertise as a shooter? I’ll grant that he is an expert at getting shot. But I don’t think that takes a whole lot of practice or that his experience is something that we can use a guide for how to handle the situation he experienced.

I agree. I also imagine it’s quite difficult to assess the tactical situation when you’re hiding under a desk playing dead.

5 thoughts on “Horror Movie”

  1. Getting raped does not make you an expert on the psychology and tactics of rapists. There are experts who study the motivations and maladies of the perverts who commit violent sexual assaults, and their opinions and testimonies are not trumped by some untrained twit who had a bad experience in a mall parking lot. As disturbing as that analogy is, what this victim is doing is actually ADVOCATING that more people obliviously walk down dark alleys at night in a bad neighborhood without paying attention to their surroundings as a PREVENTATIVE of rape, because if lots of people do this, they’ll be too many witnesses for a rapist to be successful.

    Note: I realize that not all rape victims are in anyway responsible for what happened to them, and not all cases are preventable, but I’ve known and met several rape victims, including one of my sisters, and nearly all of them tell a story about how they weren’t paying attention when something terrible happened to them.

  2. Isn’t getting shot making you a gun expert the same as crashing your car makes you a expert driver?

    If that’s the case my daughter must be verging on being a driving god, she’s wrecked 2 so far…….

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