Invest a Little, Save a Lot

At some point, gun owners with serious collections need to invest in a safe. Even if you don’t think you have a serious collection, add up the value and you might find it is worth a few thousand dollars. If so, a $2,000 investment is pretty wise to make sure your guns stay put if someone breaks in and stay safe if fire breaks out.

One Oklahoma gun owner is learning that lesson a little too late. A thief broke down his back door and discovered his collection was not stored in a safe. The thief made off with 34 guns with an estimated value of $23,000. Let’s hope he has insurance to cover the guns. Some homeowner’s policies cap the payment for guns or restrict how many they are willing to cover. But even so, a few thousand bucks would have saved him this head/heartache.

4 thoughts on “Invest a Little, Save a Lot”

  1. My homeowner’s policy covers up to $2500. For about $125/year, I purchased a rider up to $8500. Due to some purchases, I have to up that (03, 03A3, and an M4 — woot).

    I do provide my agent with a complete inventory including serial numbers and estimated replacement cost.

  2. Congratulations on your Liberty gunsafe. I too was getting worried about the fact that ALL my firearms were scattered through-out my house. Just a month ago I purchased a Liberty, “Lincoln” safe and now ALL my firearms are in one location, safe and sound from casual theft and protected from fire. Best investment I’ve ever made and the quality of the safe is excellent. Talk about “Peace of Mind” you really cannot go wrong investing in a good, quality gunsafe. For those who have more than two or three firearms you should think strongly about getting one too.

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