Just an Ordinary Gun Owner

This Wisconsin State Journal article, touted by the Brady folks, would have you believe that your ordinary joe gun owners are turning against lawful carry in the Badger State. But it turns out that Adam Schesch is a left wing activist, and a professor at University of Wisconsin, Madison, with seemingly strong ties to the peace movement, and who is described in this article as someone who participated in a “Socialist Scholars Panel.”

This, folks, is deliberate obfuscation on the part of the media, given that they only mentioned that he was a gun owner who once protested a gun ban. They fail to mention he’s Dr. Adam Schesch, and that he’s a highly left-wing college professor. Why? Because it goes against the narrative they are trying to create. The false narrative they are trying to create.

Dr. Schesch is certainly entitled to his opinion, but he’s not entitled to pass off as an ordinary, run of the mill gun owner, or part of the larger Second Amendment community. He is no more representative of your average gun owner than this guy is a representative of your average hunter. That the media is only too eager to pass college professors off as average joes says quite a lot about their reliability on being up front and transparent with the reading public on the issue of firearms policy.

4 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary Gun Owner”

  1. I agree with Thomas F’s assertion that this professor lived through a true example of the need for a second amendment.

    I have mixed feelings about Pinochet, though: On the one hand, he was a brutal dictator. On the other hand, he overthrew what was to become a Socialist Dictatorship, and what he did was sort-of self defense, because he knew he was on a list to be executed himself–and, after taking power, he established a dictatorship that had more freedom than what a socialist society would have had.

    Why can’t everything in life be simple black and white?!?

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