Brady Exploiting 9/11 Anniversary for Political Gain

You’d think the anniversary of 9/11 would be above political posturing, and should be about remembering the victims, rather than pushing a political agenda, but pretty clearly the Brady Campaign does not think so. Have they no shame? Pushing bills after a high profile tragedy is standard operating procedure for the Brady folks, but it’s hard fathom anyone could think attempting to usurp the tenth anniversary of 9/11 for political gain is anything other than disgusting.

And they wonder why they no longer have the pull with the main stream media they used to. I don’t think even the left-leaning media would want to touch a story that would appear to try to divert attention away from the tenth anniversary of a huge national tragedy to focus attention on a group’s public policy agenda that is not even remotely related to that tragedy. This is really shameful.

13 thoughts on “Brady Exploiting 9/11 Anniversary for Political Gain”

  1. Indeed, they need to be careful on this. A few firearms in the hands of the pilots or even the airline passengers (if it was not illegal) would have ended the 9/11 attack quickly.

    As usual, they take away the backwards and upsidedown and sideways lesson from any experience and run with it to the full illogical extreme.

  2. “Because of the gap in our laws that allows military commanders to remove their soldiers’ means of effective self defense, Hasan was able to walk into the heart of the Fort Hood military base and shoot down the men and women working to protect this nation from such threats.”

    There, I fixed it for you, Dennis.

  3. I think Braden hit on my thinking! Had some passengers been armed on any of those flights, the day would have been different! Most of the airline pilots have a military back ground.

  4. The Brady bitches can quiver in fear. They have nothing that would have prevented the attacks of 9/11. When we are armed we are safe. When we are unarmed we are subjugated.

  5. “You’d think the anniversary of 9/11 would be above political posturing…”

    Well, you WOULD think that if you’d hadn’t been listening to all the political exploitation of the tragedy over the last decade. The Brady Bunch is shameless, but they have plenty of company when it comes to dishonoring the dead from this event.

  6. Shorter Brady Bunch: screw 9/11, it wasn’t that big a deal. Now let’s get back to the important stuff: pogroms against gun owners.

  7. Just because it’s rude and insensitive doesn’t mean it’s wrong. They are right with their facts (at least within our borders). We don’t win the argument with ad hominem attacks. We have to acknowledge that we live in a society where it is easy for terrorists to get guns and to use them to kill other people.

    We make more sense if we argue why this is a necessary evil for a free society.

  8. @ Juan…

    Thank you for making the point that SOB terrorists will get firearms regardless of all of the USELESS and INEFFECTIVE firearms laws they pass. Hence why we must have access to our own firearms as deterrence or if needed as a response.

    Because we face evil they are a “necessary” evil. I’d say they are good though.

    Of course, the fact that they want to make us defenseless and deny us our 2nd Amendment rights is why some of us are impolite. It’s hard to be nice with those who are basically tyrants-in-training.

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