Like Vultures

Our opponents gather around tragedy like vultures will gather around a corpse. Here’s one report of Brady’s Efforts:

“[Giffords is] the most prominent victim since Reagan,” noted Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

The Tucson incident, combined with the Reagan anniversary, gives gun-control advocates a fresh platform.

Don’t sound so enthusiastic about it Paul. But it’s not just the Brady folks. MAIG is not above exploiting tragedy as well, having gathered as many family of victims as they possibly could, which apparently is one. But it makes you wonder how many of the individuals who are supporting the Fix Gun Checks Act know about all the hidden easter eggs in the bill.

I think the gun control groups are stunned they haven’t been able to get any real traction from this tragedy. I’m not convinced they won’t. If Gabby Giffords becomes a crusader for gun control after she recovers, that might be all it takes. But we’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Like Vultures”

  1. I wonder if we shouldn’t put forth a real “fix background checks” bill. Not just background checks for firearms, but for daycare workers, public school teachers, police officers, firefighters and even politicians. We’ll want to make sure who is working for us, and understand if they have any disqualifying offenses. If we put this bill forth, we can also make some common sense changes as “easter eggs” like removing the tax on hearing protection devices, and convenient length barrels. As a revenue measure, we can also allow the issuance of tax stamps for newly manufactured high speed ballistic delivery systems…

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