Remembrance Events

So says the Brady Campaign:

In remembrance events across the country, groups of at least 32 people lay silently on the ground (following the example of Abby Spangler, founder of, rang bells, read names, or said prayers to remember the victims and to demonstrate their outrage at weak gun laws in America. Virginia Tech family members and survivors like the Samaha family, the Read family, the Goddard family, the Habtu family, the Pohle family, and others were an integral part of these events.

Remembrance events? Pardon me, but isn’t remembering a tragedy like Virginia Tech by having 32 people lying down and pretending to be dead kind of — stop me if I’m crazy here — tasteless?

It was not a remembrance event, it was a political protest.  They are called “lie-ins” which is a variation of the 60s protest called “sit-ins.”  These were political statements, not solemn acts of reflection.  I won’t get on The Brady Campaign about using the Virginia Tech tragedy as an example of why we need stronger gun laws. Both sides use events, and sometimes tragedies, to advocate our positions. It’s how debate on a topic moves forward.

But I’ll fault them for using the tragedy to fundraise, for such a macabre and tasteless displays of “remembrance” as the “lie-in,” and for generally tying the entire remembrance theme in with their political issues.

I think Virginia Tech deserved the anniversary to be an actual day of remembrance and reflection, not a day of political statements. We have 364 other days of the year to argue the politics.

7 thoughts on “Remembrance Events”

  1. Protest Easy Guns doesn’t need to do any fundraising. Abby Spangler is worth a few billion dollars more than Mayor Bloomberg.

  2. If you click through the link, Jacob, you’d find he links to my post about the Brady Campaign fundraising. He never said ProtestEasyGuns was fundraising.

  3. I understand that. My point is PEG doesn’t need to exploit tragedy for fundrasing because they don’t have to. Brady does.

  4. Somehow, the left finds a way to make a political statement out of every tragedy. This is just the latest example–look at what’s happened with the 9/11 memorials.

  5. Where does he assert that ProtestEasyGuns has to fundraise? He’s only talking about Brady’s direct and endorsed actions in this post. Are you seeing more here or just commenting for the sake of commenting?

  6. We’re arguing whether PEG doesn’t solicit funds while Brady does, while BOTH groups are dancing the Danse Macabre? Seems we got off track, here.

  7. I know he’s talking about the Brady’s. The quotation above makes reference to Abby Spangler and I am just making a comment about her.

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