Did Rev. Evans Actually Say This?

I’m hoping this is a mistatement:

Thanks, Mr Horwitz, for your well-spoken(written) words. We have work to do to build a more wholesome and safe society. There was some debate about this “protest” on a day of “remembrance.” Yet it felt so appropriate. When the focus is on the anniversary of the tragic events, it seems pertinent to give attention to better ways forward.

Emphasis mine, but the quotes aren’t.  This is in regards to the “lie-in” held at Virginia Tech.  Is the Reverend doubting this is a day of remembrance for a lot of the families and victims?  That seems hard to believe, for a man who was a pillar of the community in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Sorry Reverend, I can’t agree with you on this.  The lie-in was a protest, meant to advance a political position.  Thirty-two people laying down and playing dead is a macabre way to remember such a tragedy, don’t you think?  Is it really “so appropriate?”  I have little problem with people using the example of tragedy as a justification for advocating certain political positions, but this was a day of remembrance for a lot of people. Virginia Tech deserved to have a quiet and reflective day.  We have 364 other days of the year to argue about the politics.

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