This scandal is getting stranger by the day, as it’s revealed that the US attorneys released a man who confessed to making IEDs from black market grenades and converting semi-auto weapons to automatic weapons.. As Mad Saint Jack says, clearly we have to close the Grenadeshow Loophole.

6 Responses to “Grenadewalker”

  1. David says:

    We have to ban grenades and IEDs before children get hurt.

  2. Sage Thrasher says:

    According to the WSJ & others, the same assistant US attorney in AZ who oversaw much of the Fast & Furious debacle, one Emory Hurley, told the ATF agents to let the grenade maker go free. Issa needs to sweat this guy. I hope Issa’s committee starts talking about the prospect of serious felony charges soon to get these small fry to start naming names. As far as I can tell, similar operations still seem to be going on.

  3. Postal811 says:

    Am I the only guy in the USA that didn’t get some grenades?

  4. Chas says:

    When the Reconquista crosses the Rio Grande in M-1 Abrams tanks, Americans will say, “Geez! Where the heck did THOSE come from?” ATF will refer questions to DOJ, and DOJ will have no comment, “pending an ongoing investigation”.

  5. ecurb says:

    Hmm, they released a guy who was arming a Zeta splinter group, who were (iirc) fighting the mother-organization for assets.
    That adds weight to the “arming everyone who isn’t a Zeta” theory.

  6. I blame the National Grenade Association and its blood-crazed lobbyists.

    If the consequences weren’t horrible, this would be a dandy Saturday Night LIve skit.

    I am so glad that Obama and his henchmen are incompetent. Imagine if they were smart!