Bloomberg Blaming the Feds

It should be no surprise that Bloomberg’s response to 24 shootings in 24 hours was to blame Washington for a lack of federal gun controls. Kate Pavlich notes:

Note to Bloomberg: guns don’t shoot themselves. As shown above, the shooter had an extensive criminal history. This isn’t an issue of gun control, this is an issue of criminal control.

We’ve noticed Katie Pavlich writing on our topic often, as well as appearing in studio at NRA News. We’re hoping this continues. It should be noted the shooter’s extensive criminal history that made him federally disqualified to even so much as touch a firearm, let alone carry one. What federal gun control that does Bloomberg think would have disarmed him? Make it illegal for him to transport a gun back to New York? Sorry, already illegal. Make it illegal for him to purchase a gun? Sorry, already illegal. And how much do you want to bet the shooter in this case didn’t get his gun from a gun show, which still would have been illegal even if he had done it.

6 thoughts on “Bloomberg Blaming the Feds”

  1. “A City Council member was briefly detained after getting into a confrontation with police after the parade.”

    I’d like to know more about this. Anyone hear anything?

  2. It’s not one or two or even three laws that deter a criminal. They usually sit in their evil lair and do the crime math. It’s when they break over 7 laws at a time that they start to have second thoughts. I think Bloomberg must be aware of this, hence his desire for more and repetetive laws.

  3. According to the article: “Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the gunman who killed Gay had an extensive criminal history, including criminal possession of a firearm and assault and drug charges.”

    So….why was the SOB not in jail? Another great example of why the 3 strikes you’re out laws–especially for violent crime–are in the best interest of public safety. Throw. Away. The. Key.

  4. “Pass the Buck” is the signature game to these people. “It’s not MY draconian, un-Constitutionally vague and restrictive policies; it’s YOUR LACK of draconian, un-Constitutionally vague and restrictive policies.”

    Sage Thrasher has it right. What the %^&* was the gunman doing out of jail!? The fact he HAD a gun puts the lie to every current and potential “gun control” measure.

  5. Total number of shootings for the long weekend, between midnight Friday and midnight Monday, was 58 people shot.

    Mayor Bloomberg is refusing to take responsibility for that happening in his city, and instead is passing the buck by saying to the feds.
    No, Mr. Mayor, your city is your problem, and that’s because you disarm your law-abiding citizens to encourage your criminals. Not surprisingly, your criminals are encouraged. They were especially encouraged this weekend.
    Bloomberg’s arrogant, “I founded MAIG, don’t bother me,” attitude is typical for him. Billionaire Bloomberg founded, or bought, MAIG as a matter of self-promotion, not to actually accomplish anything regarding guns. It shows in the horror of this weekend’s body count for his city. The man is a horrible joke.

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