Castle Doctrine: Just in Time for Irene

Takes effect today. No need to retreat from any colander wearing thug who’s trying to steal your juice.

4 Responses to “Castle Doctrine: Just in Time for Irene”

  1. gnbrotz says:

    Might I suggest that it doesn’t actually go into effect until Monday:

    1 Pa.C.S.A. ยง 1908 Computation of time

    When any period of time is referred to in any statute, such period in all cases, except as otherwise provided in section 1909 of this title (relating to publication for succes…sive weeks) and section 1910 of this title (relating to computation of months) shall be so computed as to exclude the first and include the last day of such period. Whenever the last day of any such period shall fall on Saturday or Sunday, or on any day made a legal holiday by the laws of this Commonwealth or of the United States, such day shall be omitted from the computation.

  2. Dannytheman says:

    It wouldn’t have mattered to me either way!!

  3. David says:

    Now gnbrotz the arm chair lawyer has appeared. Hey Greg, why don’t you take all the moderator time and use it to go to law school. Or, keep your armchair lawyering over on that dirty playground of nitwits aka pafoa.

  4. ecurb says:

    “Such day shall be omitted” means it lasts an extra day, I take it?
    That’s some old language. Guess a lot of that procedural stuff was set up early and never needed changing.