Good Castle Doctrine Editorial

From the Patriot News, even going so far as to point out a case of aggravated assault where Castle Doctrine wouldn’t come into play. To hear some in the media tell it, this bill makes it easy to just shoot people. Another case that wouldn’t be helped by Castle Doctrine? Gerald Ung. Even if it eliminated the duty to retreat when facing an unarmed opponent(s), which it doesn’t, the prosecution never made the case that Ung violated a duty to retreat.

4 thoughts on “Good Castle Doctrine Editorial”

  1. Since Ung never should have been charged in the first place, it hardly matters what arguments were or were not made.
    If/when Castle Doctrine is enacted, what’s to stop a rogue prosecutor like the Phila. D.A. from continuing to “Ung” the next victim and wreck their life and their pocketbook?

  2. BTW, I should have said “prosecutor for life” since we are talking about Philadelphia.

  3. Maybe some day someone will come up with a way to ruin the lives of all these big city prosecutors, complete with absolute immunity to boot!

    It must be nice not to have to worry about consequences!

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