Get the Hell off the Beach

People can call him a RINO all they want, the guy is still a rare breed in politics, who tells it like it is:

And those of us in Pennsylvania, would just like to thank New Jersey, once again, for being Irene’s punching bag.

UPDATE: Just removed the colander from the dishwasher, just in case it gets bad enough that I have to go hijack some gasoline.

6 thoughts on “Get the Hell off the Beach”

  1. Gov. Christie is right, and Mayor Bloomberg would have a good point if he said “y’all in Rockaway should gtfo and hit higher ground.” As he said “Mandatory evacuation,” he can [profanity] [profanity] [creative profanity] himself.

    Well, I’m uphill of those areas, and will probably take a drive on Sunday just to see what all the fuss isn’t.

  2. I like Christie for NJ. But he is not a moderate republican. He is in NJ. He and Romney can not win a Presidential election because they are who they are from where they are.
    A republican from Mass. and NJ, are not moderate republicans in 45 other states.
    As to the hurricane: I am ready. I worked on my tan from the tractor at home yesterday!

  3. Not a conservative. The conservative approach would be to let grown-ups decide for themselves whether to stay on the beach. The lefty approach is to assume that government knows best about everything, including the weather.

    This is not a big storm. Obama is afraid of getting the “Katrina treatment” that Bush got. The government, and therefore the media, are pulling out all the stops. If they are lucky, they will happen to be right. If they are wrong, it’s only a little liberty lost.

  4. but we can’t have it both ways. We can’t have “Don’t tell me to get off the damn beach. I’ll get off if I want to.” And “why the hell didn’t save me after I was stranded on the beach I was told to vacate. It must be because he doesn’t know what he’s doing”

  5. OTOH, I am unthrilled with Gov Christie right now: “Attorney General Dow today warned retailers & other merchants that price gouging is prohibited during State of Emergency for Hurricane Irene” was posted on his facebook page.

    I understand the attraction of anti-gouging laws; but they are a really heavy-handed way for the government to interfere in a market.

  6. Mind you, I say this as a proud voter for him, and my main objection to him running for President in 2012 is that we’re not done with him yet. I neither expect nor demand perfection or purity from an elected official; that’s like holding my breath in protest of something.

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