15 thoughts on “Crazy Star Trek Fans”

  1. Aside from getting the year wrong… (Actually, there will be a correction to the Gregorian calendar in 2176 according to a future copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide which makes the marker correct in our per-correction calender.)

  2. I was going to note the same thing guffaw did, that would be “Admiral James T. Kirk”

    Although the date thing is a far nerdier factoid to catch….

  3. It’s not even close to his conception date…that poor guy. Marble ain’t cheap!

  4. I was going to chime in on the date. But in original series. James T. Kirk was born in Iowa. In the revised apt universe he was born in space.

  5. “Isn’t he an ADMIRAL, now?”

    After being an admiral, he got elected governor of Illinois and went to prison.

  6. HerrBGone got it on the first try. The OU Kirk is born in 2233. That begs the question, though, of the Date being correct in our calendar: is the Gregorian correction going to shift the calendar by 5 years?

  7. Kirk voluntarily accepted promotion back to Captain (though after retirement, it is customary to refer to the highest rank achieved).

    The question of the date is ambiguous, because it is never clear whether stardate proceeded from the gregorian calendar or not; and if it did what corrections were applied. It is also not clear when Kirk is referred to with a gregorian date, whether a correction has been applied or not.

    The guy is even geekier than most.

  8. Wikipedia:

    “The town of Riverside, Iowa petitioned Roddenberry and Paramount Pictures in 1985 for permission to “adopt” Kirk as their town’s “Future Son”.[67] Paramount wanted $40,000 for a license to reproduce a bust of Kirk, but the city instead set a plaque and built a replica of the Enterprise (named the “USS Riverside”), and the Riverside Area Community Club holds an annual “Trek Fest” in anticipation of Kirk’s birthday.”

    Been there since at least July 6, 2007.

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