We’re Very Happy for Kim Rhode

Some of you might remember back in September that Olympic shotgun shooter and Gold Medalist Kim Rhode had her one-of-a-kind very expensive shotgun stolen from her car.  I think I was actually remiss in blogging about that here.  But I just got this from The Outdoor Wire:

The Riverside, California Sheriff’s Department has recovered four-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode’s shotgun. Police officials say the gun was recovered during a routine parole check. According to Rhode, the gun is in “immaculate” shape, although the competition stickers she had collected during her shooting career had been removed. “I can’t believe it,” Rhode told The Outdoor Wire only minutes after the gun was returned. A complete report in tomorrow’s edition of The Outdoor Wire.

We’re very happy for Kim that she got her shotgun back.  That’s one of those things you almost don’t expect to ever see it again, and it breaks your heart.  Obviously that gun had to have meant a lot to her, and it’s good fortune that she is reunited with it.  Good work on the part of the Riverside Sheriff’s office.

3 thoughts on “We’re Very Happy for Kim Rhode”

  1. Oh My Goodness, A needle in a haystack. Good things come to good people. Kim, you are one Lucky Lady. This is great news, the impossible once again, You Go Girl!!!!

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