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My previous post was rather polite, as I generally try to avoid drama these days. But that was before Tam pointed out that on Tuesday TTAG pilfered an entire post of hers, seen here. This wasn’t the first time, either, as was mentioned in Uncle’s post. I wasn’t too pleased with the reaction to Tam’s objection, when the first incident happened. But stealing a whole post? And then telling the world you don’t steal posts? If you want to know why no one links The Truth About Guns, this is why.

UPDATE: That’s better.

6 thoughts on “Not Cool”

  1. I was not aware of this post. I have removed it from the public view from site (the link still works). I apologize to the original author and I’ve told Mr. Zimmerman to avoid making the same mistake in the future. Please rest assured this is NOT our usual practice.

    If there are other examples, I will remove them as well. Again, my apologies to Tamara Keel.

  2. I appreciate removing the post and the apology. I don’t think there was any conspiracy not to link TTAG, but I do think a few incidents like that have rubbed many in the community the wrong way. You guys are producing some good content, but a little more attribution and linkage would go a long way to making people feel better about linking back.

  3. One word:


    Yes, I know, an inbound link without a linkback is better for SEO, but a little giving back to the community that feeds TTAG with comments and posts might go a long way to un-ruffle some feathers.

  4. I’m not that big on the blogroll. Any blogger who has a reasonable audience fields blogroll requests regularly, and they are a big deal from an SEO point of view. They also aren’t worth much traffic wise for the person you put on it, especially if it’s alphabetic, and you’re toward the bottom of the list. It’s also tough to maintain. So I’m kind of sympathetic to blogs who don’t want to get into the blogroll drama llama.

  5. Kinda neat how he only makes good when the world is watching, but when people discuss his shady behavior in his email that he smears across the net they get nothing but rudeness in response.

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