3 thoughts on “Government at Work”

  1. Here is to HOPE ing he gets his answer, before we CHANGE the occupant if the oval office.

  2. I’m surprised that any government officials picked up the phone at all.
    When I was doing some calling of government offices some years back, I found that higher level government officials would hide behind their secretaries, while the lower level ones would hide behind their voicemails.
    They have no incentive to take care of you – they get paid the same regardless. Dealing with you can become a problem for them, but it can’t do them any good.
    The private sector has profit to function as an incentive for them to help you. Our Marxist president, Obama, demonizes the idea of profits. The alternative to the incentive of profit, no incentive at all, means that you’re likely to be ignored, or if you’re “lucky”, they’ll actually pick up the phone, but you’ll get the runaround.

  3. Except for the fact that these organizations fail no matter who is Prez, sure, it’s Obama’s fault.

    The entire culture there is poisonous, has been for decades. Doesn’t matter who’s in charge.

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