Down the Memory Hole

Looks like American Defensive Enterprises are taking their embarrassing videos offline. I guess some attention from the big guns was more than they wanted to deal with. Sorry if you didn’t have a chance to see them first.

UPDATE: Thanks to reader David, and Bitter, we have a few more links:

Here’s one of their instructors. Here’s another. You can see yet another one here.

7 thoughts on “Down the Memory Hole”

  1. I can’t stop laughing. This is so beyond mall ninja. When you start yanking your videos it shows you’re a running coward. This guy knows his mall ninja techniques are a joke and has no defense to what he’s teaching. Someone in his class will get shot if this is the “dangerous stuff” they’re doing. My only hope is that, with all the public ridicule, that he closes up shop and goes back to watching the food court. This guy is on par with Ralph Severe

  2. I watched the video and was angered by the way those women were set up to be hurt.
    Selt defense is not a game to be played with in this childish method.
    I am very glad they took the videos down and sincerely hope they stop teaching this nonsense.
    Paul in Texas

  3. Looks like Aysha Webb went and 404’d her tactical combat teaching videos. If we keep up the pressure, maybe Delta Force Green Beret SEAL LAPD Bill Beasley will close up shop and go on the run.

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