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Joe’s didn’t get through.  My guess is, it got nabbed by the spam filter for too many links.  Other posts are getting through.  I don’t think, due to the speed which comments appear, that there’s any moderating going on, but the slight delay would seem to indicate there’s some spam filtering happening.   Most spam filters use number of links as a metric.

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  1. (comment cross posted from Uncle’s place)

    In my never ending quest to keep my side honest, I don’t think they are moderating the comments over at Brian’s place. It’s that the commenting system has a bug in it.

    Here’s what you do – post your comment. Hit “back”. Hit “Preview”. Then you’ll see your comment posted.

    I’ve had several comments already “eaten” by the messed up commenting. While I could claim they did it intentionally, I doubt it. Seems like poor coding to me.

  2. “Bryan Miller is executive director of Ceasefire NJ”

    What’s hilarious to me is that these guys always talk about the “gun lobby” and “radical gun rights” people (we’re at least 5 million strong) as if there’s some strange force pushing for 2nd Amendment freedoms.

    Yet it’s rarely addressed who funds groups like ceasefire/brady/ etc., which are less a movement of people and more a movement of wealthy foundations and individuals who are politically aligned with some who want real radical change away from other freedoms (unless the freedom is aligned with leftwing causes).

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