Down the Memory Hole

Apparently Righthaven’s web site went poof last night. I’m guessing Righthaven/Stevens Media is hunkering down for the inevitable backlash. The Righthaven Victims blog is pretty clearly enjoying the Karma.

UPDATE: More from EFF here.

3 Responses to “Down the Memory Hole”

  1. terraformer says:

    It looks like someone called BS on their Whois info and that is what has caused their site to go down. It does not appear to be a permanent shuttering of the domain.

  2. terraformer says:

    Gibson, Steven
    10645 Sunblower Avenue
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89135
    United States
    (702) 499-4966 Fax —

    It appears to be a valid address. It looks like it is his home which is some trendy McMansionville west of the strip on the edge of town.

  3. I will be curious to find out if making false statements about copyright ownership on a lawsuit to force settlements constitutes a criminal matter. It would be nice to force them to cough up the settlement money we had to pay them, as much to impoverish these turds as for the money itself.