Call the Maintenance Guy

The free ice cream machine is once again not serving freely. Back to interview preparation mode. I have a third round phone interview with a prospective employer tomorrow evening. Second round interview was a bear. This company is notoriously difficult to get into, and it’s not an interview you can just waltz in and impress them. They will likely not be impressed because the guy interviewing you is likely an order of magnitude better than you are.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time on this one employer, and it’s a long shot to get the job, but it’s a career making job. If I did get in, there’s essentially no where else I couldn’t go in this field. It’s also a chance to be around top people in the field. Generally speaking, I want to be the dumbest guy in the workplace, because that means I have things I can learn from the smarter folks. I’ve been places I’m the smartest guy, and that might be a bit self-satisfying in a way, but it’s a dead end for learning anything.

My only fear is, with all I’ve put into getting this job, if it doesn’t pan out, I only have one other prospect I really like, another I kind of like, but aren’t real sure about, and a third that would only be a paycheck to pay the mortgage while I look for something better. All three of my other prospects I have not heard from in a while, though I’m discovering that doesn’t necessarily convey a lack of interest. Everyone seems to be moving at glacial speed on hiring these days.

5 thoughts on “Call the Maintenance Guy”

  1. It’s a numbers game. You have to crank out the resumes. Sometime it does not hurt to send two in different formats. When I was out of work. I got interviews on 1/25 of the resumes I sent out and it took nearly 120 sent till I got a job.

    Hang in there. Work you’re social network and let everyone know you’re looking.

  2. I like being near to, but not at, the pinnacle of knowledge/skills in my work. I get a kick out of both learning and teaching; plus I need a source of shinies to line the magpie’s nest that is my mind.

  3. No, it’s not Apple. I wouldn’t move to California unless you’re going to pay me at least double what I previously made.

  4. How about moving to the Seattle area? I haven’t asked around because I figured you probably wanted to stay in Pennsylvania.

    If that isn’t a road block then I might be able to make some suggestions. There are, or used to be, some genetic engineering firms there as well as companies like Microsoft (I know, you are an Apple guy but MS sells Office for the Mac), and Google.

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