Speculation Melson Won’t Fall on His Sword

From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

I doubt that Melson would have had direct contact with Napolitano on this kind of clandestine effort, though.  That seems to be much less likely than Melson having something on Holder.  If (a very big “if”) Melson can show that Holder lied to Congress about what he knew and when he knew it — the old Watergate question — then Holder will have no choice but to resign or face impeachment.  In fact, it hardly seems worth the effort for Melson to hold out on a resignation just to get Breuer.

Read the whole thing. It’ll be important to implicate higher ups, because otherwise the position of the Administration is going to be that we need Andrew Traver more than ever. The Administration has to take some bruises over this, or I think we’re likely dealing with Traver at some point, probably as a recess appointment.

3 thoughts on “Speculation Melson Won’t Fall on His Sword”

  1. It’s possible that Melson is so self-righteous, bull-headed and ignorant that he simply does not believe that he has to resign. After all, he is ATF. Low expectations for that agency have often proved to be not low enough.
    He has to resign. Gunwalker has proven to be a murderous ATF fiasco, and he was head of ATF. He goes, one way or another. He can complain all he wants to complain on his way out that he was just following orders, but he’s the one who followed those orders and he takes the hit for not refusing those orders by resigning previously. If he was in a no win situation, he should have had enough sense to have realized that and resigned before Gunwalker hit the fan.
    It’s possible that he was a dupe who was lied to about what was going to take place. He might have been led to believe that various bases were going to be covered by other agencies, for example, the tracking of the guns once they were in Mexico, but instead, that was not being done and he was being set up to take the fall if the horriblly unacceptable policy of getting guns to criminals became public.
    Bottom line is, one has to keep in mind the radicalism of the anti-gunners in the Obama administration. They desperately want more gun control laws, and they have no qualms about “breaking some eggs”, i.e. getting people killed, to make their gun control “omlette”. They really would arm criminals so that they could take advantage of the uptick in violence to advance their gun ban agenda. They have done exactly that. It’s what happened.
    We’ll see what Melson has to say. It’s interesting that Obama refuses to say if he wants Melson to resign or not. Melson can’t stay on indefinitely, he’s toast, but if Obama fires him, that might alienate him, which could be dangerous. Melson’s holding a lot of cards right now because he can implicate anyone he pleases, and the Obama adminstration is holding its breath. We’ll see what cards Melson chooses to play.

  2. How could Holder not know about his operation. It crossed federal court districts, used multiple agencies, and violated foreign laws. Holder had to be in on this. Just who is going to provide the smoking gun?

  3. A few bruises isn’t enough. Need to amputate a diseased limb or two. Eric Holder being target #1…..

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