Meanwhile, on Gunwalker …

All the excitement about Ezell, I forgot to mention this development in a timely manner. It would seem that Melson has decided to sing like a songbird. He will not be the one falling on his sword, and the hot potato goes upwards to Acting Deputy AG James Cole.

Yet Cole was not confirmed as the deputy attorney general until June 28 — and only after Senator Grassley agreed to lift his objection to Cole because Justice agreed to allow oversight into Operation Fast & Furious. But it seems obvious that at the time Grassley made this agreement with the Justice Department, neither Cole nor anyone else at Justice had told Grassley about the vital information it was withholding, particularly the possible involvement of the FBI and the DEA.

So now the question will be whether Cole will fall on his sword to shield Holder, and thus the Administration.  It would seem Melson’s testimony aims squarely at Cole, so my guess is that he will be the one to fall on his sword is anyone will.

6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, on Gunwalker …”

  1. The codecil to “what did he know and when did he know it
    ?” is “what couldn’t he have known at the time that it matters?”.

    If Cole wasn’t in a position to say officially and authoritatively say “no” to the operation, there’s no reason to allow him to fall on his sword. He’d have to testify under oath that he was in charge of the job before he could claim to be in the position to be in charge of it.

  2. So far, everything I have suspected and said about this Gunwalker scandal has been right on the money. Although I doubt that it could ever be proven, I would bet that the entire scheme itself was discussed and plotted within the Obama-occupied White House as a way to drum up public support for a new ban on semi-automatic rifles.

  3. If this does go to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the entire Obama team will be proved to be political idiots. Either they seafood yes to a scheme any thoughtful person would have seen could only end in tears, our they said no and were ignored.

    Also, if someone doesn’t step up and fall on their sword before this hits a senate-confirmed exec-branch office and sticks, the judgment of the president will take a hit. If out stops at Melman, Holder can take the heat for having a brain-dead subordinate who didn’t clear political issues. If Holder had knowledge, that goes back to the White House.

    Don’t count on the MSM staying quiescent on this one; threatens the offhand chance of taking a president down, and that happens once a decade at best.

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