Traver to Replace Melson?

The real risk in shaking up the leadership of ATF is that the Administration would take the inevitable position that it’s time for some adult leadership at ATF. Unfortunately, that appears to be coming in the form of Andrew Traver replacing Ken Melson This may not end up being a successful ploy by the Administration, but the obvious path toward political cover. While Obama can’t ram him through the Senate necessarily, he can always recess appoint him.

8 thoughts on “Traver to Replace Melson?”

  1. In the immortal words of Rahm Emanuel, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Given the opposition to Traver, this may be the only way to ease him into the Directorship.

  2. I believe the Senate republicans, with the blessings of Reid, have pro forma sessions when necessary to prevent the Senate from recessing, mainly to keep any more recess appointments from happening and further hurting the chances democrats have in the next election.

  3. Good thing “Andrew Traver”, “adult” and “leadership” weren’t in the same sentence, because I don’t think they belong together.

  4. “…the Administration would take the inevitable position that it’s time for some adult leadership at ATF.”

    I don’t see how the kids in the Obama administration could accomplish that with the off-the-wall, anti-gun zealotry of the Traver kid, since it’s exactly that brand of zealotry that got them into trouble with Gunwalker in the first place.
    It’s the Obama administration itself that needs to be replaced with adult leadership.
    Traver will function as red meat to gun rights activists. Obama has the chance to appoint a neutral bureaucrat who will fairly enforce existing law. Or he can appoint Traver. Looks like it’s going to be Traver. Bring it on!

  5. Traver is scary… Things will get worse instead of better at ATF with him in the driver’s seat…

  6. If Traver gets in, he could be a blessing. He could do additional public relations damage to the BATFE; maybe even enough so that we could finally disband it entirely.

    Others have commented that if their duties go to the FBI, which is not such an ass-clown organization, then we could have a lot more troubles.

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