Castle Doctrine Signed by Corbett

It’s a done deal folks. The law will take effect 60 days from now. Kudos to everyone who worked hard on this. I’d like particularly to thank Rep. Scott Perry and State Senator Richard Alloway. We wouldn’t have gotten here if not for their efforts.

From left to right, Senator Alloway, Governor Corbett, Senator Rich Kasunic, and behind them is John Hohenwarter, NRA’s lobbyist for PA.

Castle Doctrine Signing GOP House

GOP House Castle Doctrine sponsors with Governor Corbett. Seated at the table on the right is Rep. Scott Perry, and Rep. Daryl Metcalfe to the left.

See these comments by the House and Senate sponsors.

UPDATE from Bitter: Everyone wants to celebrate Castle Doctrine! Here’s yet another picture posted by lawmakers proud to have been part of passing the Castle Doctrine bill. I’m not sure what group this is, as the only folks I recognize are Gov. Corbett, John Hohenwarter, and Rep. Stephen Bloom, a freshman Republican in the House.

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  1. Glad to see it, and glad to see Hohenwarter wasnt able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on this one, like he did in NH.

  2. Amazing that you still take that attitude since everyone in Harrisburg who actually sponsored the bill says that those kinds of attacks on John & NRA’s actions are based on complete falsehoods. Clearly, you consider internet rumors more credible than actual statements from lawmakers who are in the Capitol every day fighting for the bill.

  3. AWESOME!!!

    Now onto some leglislation that Sen, Alloway had mentioned a few weeks ago on NRAnews regarding punishing those municipalities that “flaunt” PA preemption with their own dumba$$ laws…I.e. Philly and any other place that has decided to enact “Lost and Stolen” ordinances!

    But this is a great step with CD finally DONE!

  4. Bitter, actually, I’ve got it from first hand accounts, not internet rumor. NRA is a lobbying group, it plays politics. Plain and simple.

    There were more organizations that did the lions share of work to get HB 40 passed as it was introduced. The NRA wasnt one of them, Hohenwarter worked to add anti-gun amendments to the legislation.

    One would think he worked for Brady and their ilk, but then you have to remember, if the NRA cant go to the members and tell us that their rights are in dire need of saving from future bills like last years xyz bill, they wont get as much money.

  5. Now the loons will put up billboards telling visitors that PA is a shoot first state and other untrue crap. Funny how Fl has see a dramatic drop in property crimes since enacting the castle doctrine.

    1. Actually, no one has done that for years. I believe they tried that in Florida the first time, and then have dropped it since then.

  6. I love it when people link to other sources, that simply say to link right back to them, to try and put down others. That’s always fun to see.

    We all know that Hohenwarter and Alloway were partnered up, so seeing them back each other’s stories isn’t exactly surprising. Besides, that’s about last year anyway, not this session.

    What we do know is that Senate leadership came out and explicitly stated that the NRA-ILA was working on backroom deals this session, and we also know that the outcry from when that bombshell got dropped nixed any chance of that happening. How is that known? By talking to the Representatives and Senators in Harrisburg, not internet rumors. So either Hohenwarter is a liar, or some of our Senators and Representatives are, or they’re all liars looking to cover up any mistakes along the way.

    Here’s the funny thing though, I really couldn’t care less about that since the bill did go through, and all this back-and-forth bickering over who said what is a bit more than pathetic. I am more concerned about how this affects future legislation, because I think it’s pathetic that the NRA and grassroots guys always seem to be at each others’ throats.

    The in-fighting between pro-gun activists is seriously more damaging right now than anything CeaseFirePA is up to. That’s pretty sad.

  7. I absolutely agree that the infighting is damaging, which is why I’m putting the smack down on the folks flaming that fire. The people who are claiming there was some kind of conspiracy to insert Florida Loophole into CD are treading on awfully thin ice considering the bill came out clean.

    Saying that it was the sound of the alarm that scuttled the deal sounds to me like a lot of trying to save face. Why would NRA want Florida Loophole in there? That’s one thing the conspiracy mongers never explain. To believe that you have to believe that NRA secretly wants to pass gun control, and I’m sorry, that’s crazy talk.

  8. I don’t think it’s “conspiracy” to take the words of the President Pro Tempore at face value, frankly.

    It would have been a clever way to poison the House bill and force the Senate one through, and you can’t discount the political implications of that.

    So, either Senator Scarnati is right and the back-room deal he exposed got sidelined, or Hohenwarter is right and nothing was in the works. At this point I’m not too concerned about which of those two opposing situations is true, but plenty of people are and I haven’t seen either situation discounted by facts.

  9. ” Dave:
    So either Hohenwarter is a liar, or some of our Senators and Representatives are, or they’re all liars looking to cover up any mistakes along the way.”

    Or maybe YOU are a liar! Funny–you left that possibility out…

  10. To “Guest”,

    Oh yes, how silly of me to ignore that obvious possibility that anyone and everyone, including myself, may lie.

    You can call up Senator Scarnati, or better yet drive to Harrisburg and talk to him in person, and ask him about where his information about a back-room deal that he publicly announced was happening came from if you are so inclined.

    Furthermore, you can always try to track down John Hohenwarter to ask him why Senator Scarnati would talk about a deal that we are told was never actually happening, and perhaps ask where he thinks the misinformation or “lie” from the Senator originated.

    Go right ahead, feel free. In fact I encourage you to do so, if you care about the absolute truth with what happened seek it out.

  11. Dave,
    Announcing that I can go talk to somebody is not supporting your claims. Continue dancing (or should I say digging).
    BTW, unless you are clairvoyant, how would you know what I have already done or not done?

  12. “Go right ahead, feel free. In fact I encourage you to do so, if you care about the absolute truth with what happened seek it out.”

    BTW, I find it interesting that you use the term “absolute truth” and suggest that I go elsewhere (i.e. not from you) to find it.

  13. Food for thought.

    Castle Doctrine Legislation Reintroduced in Pennsylvania:

    Castle Doctrine Legislation Introduced in Pennsylvania House of Representatives:

    Pennsylvania: Castle Doctrine Legislation Scheduled to be Heard on March 1:

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    Pennsylvania: Castle Doctrine Legislation Heads to Senate Floor:

    Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee will Vote on Castle Doctrine Bill on Monday, March 7:

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    Pennsylvania Legislature Returns to Work on Monday, April 11 and HB 40 Could be Brought Up for a Vote at Anytime:

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    Pennsylvania: Castle Doctrine Bill to be Heard in Senate Committee Tomorrow:

    Castle Doctrine Bill Passes Pennsylvania Senate Committee:

    Pennsylvania Senate to Consider Castle Doctrine Bill:

    Castle Doctrine Bill Passes Pennsylvania Senate:

    Pennsylvania Governor Signs NRA-Backed Castle Doctrine into Law:

  14. Sebastian:
    Are you paid to be an apologist for Hohenwarter, or are you just plain stupid? The NRA does some wonderful things, but not here, and surely not on HB40. Pennsylvania grassroots organizations busted their tails for nearly 8 years to make this happen.

  15. I’m not paid to be an apologist for Hohenwarter, but neither do I think he’s the bumbling fool a lot of activists in PA have made him out to be. I’m not really interested in who the gets credit, or who the big cheese is in regards to rights rights in Pennsylvania. I want to win. I don’t think sniping at each other helps achieve that.

  16. BTW, I find it interesting that you use the term “absolute truth” and suggest that I go elsewhere (i.e. not from you) to find it.


    What have I lied about? You’re clearly directly challenging what I’ve said here so go ahead with it, what have I lied about?

    What I have said, quite simply, is that Senate leadership publicly stated a deal was in the works. Now, I will state that there is the OBVIOUS possibility that statement was either a lie or based off of bad information.

    Senate leadership said a deal was in the works; the NRA denies a deal was ever in the works. Both cannot logically be correct, and I have not, at this time, seen any information conclusively proving either situation.

    So, how in the world does simply acknowledging the two competing “sides” equate in any way to lying on my part?

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