“Teacher and Counselor Showed a Severe Lapse in Judgment”

So says a spokesman for Oakland, California schools. We would ordinarily call these individuals hypocrites, in addition to people who lack judgement. I’m sure the teacher and counselor will be out of a job as a result of this. As soon to be freshly minted gun criminals, I would encourage them to apply or a position at the Brady Campaign, since it’s hard to see how this particular lapse in judgement is any worse than what Plaxico Burriss did.

7 Responses to ““Teacher and Counselor Showed a Severe Lapse in Judgment””

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    I think we all know anti-gun people don’t really care about ILLEGAL guns, they care about LEGAL guns, and “Gun Death”

  2. terraformer says:

    Oh my god this is briliant. These people are getting hooked up on the same charges they would be happy us get hooked up on. But if this was CA, and the gun was unloaded, what was the actual charge?

  3. The Second Anonymous says:

    Oakland, shit hole.

    Used to live 15 minutes from there from another shit hole call San Francisco.

  4. markshere2 says:

    Delicious! But UN-possible!

    No guns allowed in schools because they need to FEEL safer!

    Hope there’s a zero tolerance policy – so they can feel the pain of that stupidity, too!

    You can’t legislate safety………

  5. Paul West says:

    According to the article this did not take place in a school, but at a local park. If thats the case, and since Unloaded Open Carry is legal in CA, whats the charge?

  6. richard says:

    Paul West, from my reading, sounds like one of the students brought the real gun, and open carry by minors is maybe prohibited?

    The adults involved were arrested for “contributing to the delinquency of a minor”……which sounds like that was all the authorities could make up after some citizens got scared and complained about guns in the park.

  7. Sage Thrasher says:

    My, how times change. When I was in high school we put on a “Western” play and the director just had all the kids with cowboy roles bring in real guns from home. I don’t recall him ever checking to make sure the guns were unloaded. At the time, none of the kids or adults in charge thought anything about it. In retrospect though…what was he thinking?!?