Fast & Furious Updates

None of the higher ups knew about it? That’s funny since this morning, the House Oversight and Government Committee uploaded this video that highlights how ATF’s Acting Director was briefed on the program to knowingly run guns into Mexico weekly last year. Rep. Darrell Issa says that the ATF leadership was actually “excited” by the program to the point that they sat around watching these sales happen on video.

7 thoughts on “Fast & Furious Updates”

  1. Both CNN and MSNBC have taken the Pelosi/Schumer/Reid gun control “study” news item off their online front pages that went up on Monday.

    CNN now has a big splash on Gunrunner up, as does Fox, and both seem to be taking it seriously now that they have to.

    MSNBC seems to still be playing ostrich.


    Seven minutes in, after the DOJ AG basically says they’re not going to cooperate, Rep. Issa unloads on him as well as holds up blacked-out paper that is the “discovery info” the DOJ/ATF submitted. “Felony-stupid” might become my new catchphrase.

  3. None of the higher ups knew about it?

    Then let’s have an impeachment and trial of President Obama for the crime of smuggling guns into Mexico.
    We’ll see who knew what and when they knew it, when the people involved are subpoenaed to testify under oath under penalty of perjury.
    What did Melson tell Holder, and what did Holder tell Obama? Inquiring minds want to know.

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