One thought on “Wisconsin CC Passes Senate”

  1. On the USA Carry map, my Alaska CHL has reciprocity in all but 11 states and I can get permits to carry non-res in two of those; WA, (their AG is an idiot who can’t read his own law) and ME. The rest are the usual non-reciprocity suspects in the NE and on the Pacific coast (c’mon Oregon, what the hell man?).

    The only exceptions are the two black “right denied” states in the middle, WI and IL.

    It will be soooooooo good to see WI change color to red in the next few weeks, leaving poor IL all alone in a sea of blue.

    Of course IL is likely to switch this year or next by hook or crook as well, so “fly-over country” will be uniformly free.

    Anyway, On Wisconsin!

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