Castle Doctrine Alert

There will be a Second Consideration on Castle Doctrine today, according to PAFOA:

We have received word that HB40 is to be scheduled for a Second Consideration vote on Wednesday, June 15. This vote can take place at any point during the day’s session, and it’s also during Second Consideration when anti-gun initiatives can be amended to the bill. It’s imperative that everyone contact their senators and ask them to vote YES on HB40, and vote NO on any and all amendments.

You know what to do. Apparently among the proposed Amendments is Florida Loophole, and a mandatory minimum of 5 years for any gun crimes.

2 thoughts on “Castle Doctrine Alert”

  1. Good. This is where we can have the character and reputation loophole closed as well.

  2. And whatever happened to the requirement that amendments must be germane? Castle doctrine has NOTHING to do whatsoever with Florida’s out of state permits.

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