5 thoughts on “Schultz Subpoenaed as Well”

  1. It keeps creeping up the ladder…

    Sarah Brady said that President Obama told her They were working on things “Under the radar.” I think it goes up further!

  2. I’m not sure what kind of people Schultz is used to dealing with, but screaming at seasoned reporters is the quickest way to let them know they’ve hit pay dirt.These guys aren’t even good liars.

  3. It would be interesting if they ask him why he was so agressive to her…. he says he wasn’t.. and she’s there in the room to be sworn in the discuss the incident.

  4. When the progressive marxist crowd gets rattled they tend to lash out at thier antagonists. Schultz is just taking a page from the liberal play book, when they cant win on intellectual merit, they scream and yell at the source of thier ire. Expect more of this response in the future as things heat up for them.

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