Apologist Media Still in the Tank for the O Man

The Washington Post, represented in this case by one of our favorite anti-gun reporters, Sari Horwitz, smears Congressman Issa and continues to attempt to deflect blame away from the Administration and ATF when it comes to the Fast and Furious scandal. This is in sharp contrast to the New York Post, which is commending Issa for the investigation and egging it further on.

The Post has a source that claims that Issa was briefed on the operation last year, and raised no objections. I’m going to bet that actively encouraging straw purchasing was not on the list of things the DOJ would have included in their briefing to Congress. It’s one thing to report “how many guns had been bought by ‘straw purchasers,’ the types of guns and how much money had been spent,” it’s quite another to understand that these were straw purchases, which otherwise would not have been made, that were actively encouraged by the agency. It’s also even quite yet another thing to report that ATF did not even bother to track the vast majority of those firearms.

The Washington Post doesn’t seem to make any pretense of objective reporting anymore. They ought to be viewed as the shills for the Administration that they indeed are.

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  1. Even for the WaPo, this article was over the top in terms of anti-gun bias. It’ll be interesting to see just how coated with teflon Eric Holder is–Issa called it right: Holder either knew and should quit or was ignorant of what was going on and should quit.

    What Sari Horwitz seems to have failed to think through is that Holder (and Obama) is still denying any knowledge of Fast & Furious but somehow we’re supposed to believe that a member of the minority party on a Congressional oversight committee was fully briefed even though the guy in charge wasn’t? D’oh!

  2. So when are you going to do a bit on the Drug War threat to gun rights?

    The Mexico kerfluffle is a perfect opportunity.

    I have never understood the silence on this. What do I usually get when I bring this up?

    “I’m against the drug war, but I haven’t blogged it.”

    In your case you have blogged it. Now make the connection explicit.

    BTW where is your “Drug War” category.

  3. Reading all the Gunwalker numbers from this CBS article I remembered that they sounded pretty close to the number of trace guns that were counted in an ATF report I saw recently somewhere else.

    In a one year period five thousand some guns were traced to US gun dealer sales. In the 15 months that Gunwalker lasted, the ATF let more than 2500 guns go. The ATF could be responsible for about half of US guns going to Mexico.

    sources for the numbers:


  4. M. Simon:

    I’m a gun blogger. That is the libertarian hobby horse I have chosen to ride. While I am quite sympathetic about ending the war on drugs, and have blogged about it from time to time, it is not my primary focus.

    I barely have time to blog this path month. I am in the process of dissolving one company, trying to form another, while at the same time finding time, any time, to talk to people who might be able to provide alternative employment if that doesn’t work out.

  5. At the Washington Post, the modern day Woodwards and Bernsteins flak for the administration.
    That imples that Woodward and Bernstein themselves were merely partisans. Now you see it, now you don’t, a little sleight of mind, context on, context off. The administration’s misdeeds ruthlessly hunted down then because it was the right thing to do, we’ve been told, or now, defended.
    When all the arguments for Woodward and Bernstein going after Nixon are conveniently disappeared, and an administration’s misdeeds ignored, can it truthfully be said that those two went after Nixon because it was the right thing to do, or was their real motivation just politics?
    The current situation shouts that it was just politics. That’s a disgrace to the Washington Post’s two, most distinguished journalists, and a disgrace that the Post seems perfectly willing to tolerate, for the sake of advancing their partisan, leftist, political agenda.

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