Fast and Furious Not Getting Play in GOP Field

The Daily Caller is upset that the GOP isn’t saying anything about the widening scandal involving Fast and Furious. Now we have tapes, just like in Watergate. Today comes news that Customs has seized 30 guns headed south into Mexico. Anyone bother to check to see if any of those 30 were Fast and Furious guns. Also note Reuters continuing the meme that this was just a botched operation, rather than a deliberate effort. It’s pretty clear Fast and Furious was working exactly how it was intended to work.

It’s sad enough that the media is, for the most part, completely ignoring Fast and Furious. There’s no reason for the entire GOP field to ignore it too.

4 thoughts on “Fast and Furious Not Getting Play in GOP Field”

  1. I wish they’d ask all the GOP hopefuls at least two questions:
    1) Do they support Issa’s call for a special prosecutor for Fast & Furious?
    2) Where do they stand on national concealed carry reciprocity?

    Gun policy isn’t getting much play in the debates at all, but the candidates’ records & statements are very different once you get past the reflexive “I support the 2nd Amendment…” parroting.

  2. Just wait till Mexico starts issuing arrest warrants and asks Interpol to issue international arrest warrants for the ATF agents and brass who trafficked gun to Mexico.

  3. Of course there is a reason to ignore fast and furious. Republicrats don’t need to rock the boat that hard to win. I’ll be voting the not in office now ticket this year. I’m so disgusted with the whole group of them. It doesn’t seem to matter what party they are from, they are completely incompetent. My only problem this year is there isn’t a decent candidate from either party for president. Not a leader in the bunch. It’s sad that we would elect people like these.

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