5 thoughts on “Religious Intolerance”

  1. One of the sick things about many “social conservatives” is that they are so hung on their idea of the Constitution being nothing more than a rewording of the Bible that they refuse to condemn abuses against any sect they’ve been convinced is a cult.

    One example: try talking about the mass murder of the Branch Davidians with a church group sometime. They’ll be nodding in agreement when you talk about everything else regarding the Clinton regime, up until you talk about the Waco massacre. At that point they become instant suck-ups, because “they weren’t really Christians.”

    As if made a difference. Should we start burning down synagogues with their members inside as well? These people should read what Niemoller, whom I’m pretty sure was a Christian by even the strictest definition, wrote about standing up for groups who were much more removed from Christianity than the Branch Davidians.

  2. At that point they become instant suck-ups, because “they weren’t really Christians.”

    Not in my experience. After Waco happened, the message came through loud and clear to evangelicals all over America. David Koresh was wacky, and probably a child molester, but being a wacko does not deserve that kind of treatment.

  3. Andrew Goddard seems to be a particularly condescending and bigoted person. This isn’t the first example of him saying those kinds of things.

    He basically seems to think that all gun owners (and lots of other people-types) are idiots. He very much comes across as “I am better than you.”

    But whatever. If I had a dollar for every arsehole I know, I’d be a rather wealthy person!

  4. Kenno … I think that the word “cult” is often miss used or at least misunderstood. I know a lot of folks who think that a “cult” is a religious group outside the mainstream. I’ve even heard folks say that a “cult” is any religious group other than theirs.

    But quite literally … they are all cults, especially if incorporate rites (eg. baptism) or ceremonies (eg. marriages, funerals, etc.).

    Webster’s definition: a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.

  5. I remember seeing those comments myself; since I’m a Latter-day Saint living in Utah, I wanted to reply with some sort of retort, but didn’t, for fear of saying something nasty thatI’d regret later. That, and it was Facebook, if I recall correctly, and I didn’t want to log in.

    I’m glad to see that attention is being called to the bigotry! I like the quote from Tango, at Days of our Trailer: “Perhaps it has something to with… I dunno… MISSOURI EXECUTIVE ORDER 44, also known as the MORMON EXTERMINATION ORDER.” Indeed, I remember learning about a time when the local government called for the disarming of the Mormon militia and the local mobs–and the official that did the disarming disarmed the Mormons, and then turned around and gave those arms to the mobs.

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