Like You and Me, Only Better

Apparently a New Jersey state trooper used his undercover ID to get out of liability for an accident he was in, causing a multi-year investigation by the accident victim and his lawyer. Looks like the State Police may have helped cover it up too.

4 thoughts on “Like You and Me, Only Better”

  1. Money quote: “Tanksley, cut and bruised, was placed in an ambulance. But suddenly the trooper ran up to him. “He said the other guy is hurt worse than you, get out,” Tanksley recalled.”

    Yeah, they sent this lying, drunk sack of s**t in the first ambulance because he was a trooper. Nice.

  2. The cops will move heaven and earth to protect an only one. They think they are above the “civilians”. I hope this jerk and those covering for him lose their jobs.

  3. As always there is one set of rules for the “only ones” and other set of rules for us “Mundanes”.

    My favorite part was when the responding trooper told Billingham not to worry about his illegal pistol. If it were me I’d be doing 10 years in a NJ state prison.

    LEOs have become a new royal class in this country. Above the law and beyond criticism.

  4. It’s NJ. Nothing ultimately will happen to the cop that hit Tanksley, or at least nothing that will have any lasting impact on him or his career.

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