Harry Reid’s Opponent Once Had Brady Endorsement

Apparently Tarkanian, who is one of the leading candidates for the GOP nod in Nevada, was once endorsed by the Brady Campaign. He’s denying this of course, and saying that it was part of a dirty campaign tactic meant to discredit him, since “a Brady call in Nevada is not a positive call.”

Sounds like a lame excuse to me, but it’s interesting that Tarkanian views a previous Brady endorsement as an albatross. As I’ve said before, there are plenty of reasons to dislike Harry Reid on other issues, but gun rights is going to be a problem for us if Reid is defeated and replaced by Dick Durbin.

12 Responses to “Harry Reid’s Opponent Once Had Brady Endorsement”

  1. Carl in Chicago says:

    I have my doubts that Dick Durbin is going to run for the senate in Nevada.


    Reid is pretty good on the second amendment … that said, I would not mind seeing him gone, long as he is replaced by someone equally good on the 2A.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Replaced by Dick Durbin as majority leader. I guess I should have worded that differently :)

  3. Ed says:

    You’re dead on about Reid. The only way his loss would be good for gun rights is if the Democrats lose the Senate. I would have said that was nigh-on impossible, but they appear to be trying very, very hard to accomplish that goal.

  4. Carl in Chicago says:

    Ah yes, of course. Having Durbin in Reid’s position might be scary indeed. I suppose that time is coming, though, given he’s number 2 and not going anywhere. He has Illinois locked up as tightly as a gitmo detainee.

  5. Patrick says:

    If you go look David Codrea did a piece about Tarkanian on his War on Guns site titled What Does Past Brady Endorsement Mean for Tarkanian Campaign? Which links to his Examiner column. Tarkanian and Lowden answerd the Gun Rights Questionair and Reid did not.

    Unless he is lying on the Questionaire this seems fishy.

    Also the Dems and Press have alot to gain by hurting opponents to Reid.

  6. Sebastian says:

    Politicians who want to get elected lie? The devil you say.

  7. Patrick says:

    I am definitely not saying that Politicians Don’t Lie. I also agree that his claim is thin but there is additional evidence to be weighed beside what the times poseted.

  8. Sebastian says:

    It’s reasonable to consider, but there’s one thing that’s truth in all this though, whether you’re looking at David’s questionnaire or NRA’s grading system, is that there’s no guarantees in politics. Loyalties can be bought. You have to deal with that, and recognize that.

    Tarkanian has a bad history with our issue, including supporting the assault weapons ban. That doesn’t mean that he hasn’t decided to switch sides because he realizes its politically expedient, and he might even end up being more reliable than Harry Reid. But that might also not be the case.

  9. Weer'd Beard says:

    I have my doubts that Durbin OR Reid is going to hold Majority leader status after November 2010….

  10. Sebastian says:

    I put the Republican’s chances of taking back the Senate at close to zero. If it were a different year, maybe. The Dems are going to lose seats, I think that much is true, but what seats are the Republicans going to turn to get a majority back?

    Most of the Dem seats that are up in 2010 are in safe Democratic strongholds. Latest Cook report shows Hawaii, Massachusetts, North Dakota, and Wisconsin are safe Democratic seats. New York is likely Democratic. Arkansas and California are both leaning.

    Tossup Dem seats are Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. There are GOP tossups too in Kentucky, MO, NH, and OH. Let’s assume we win all those, take California, Arkansas, win one New York seat, and say we have a _really_ good day and take North Dakota too. That’s 9 seats that go back into the GOP camp. That doesn’t put the GOP back in the majority, and that’s really a very very optimistic scenario.

  11. NJSoldier says:

    Don’t be pessimistic – the makings of a massive political earthquake are brewing. The Senate is not out of reach in 2010. Even if Republicans only get closer in the Senate and take the House, the Democrats wild agenda is done, regardless of who hold the gavel.

    I moved to NJ from NV – people can’t be happy with their former moderate Senator leading this circus. I think he’s a dead-duck and the focus needs to be on a strong, pro 2A Republican nominee.

  12. David Codrea says:

    “Tarkanian has a bad history with our issue, including supporting the assault weapons ban.”

    You can produce something from Tarkanian that proves that? Because even opponent Sue Lowden’s consultant says Tarkanian knew nothing about the Brady PR that claimed that.

    I’m not married to Tarkanian, Sebastian. If you have documentation he’s been lying, let’s air it.


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