34 thoughts on “We’re Winning”

  1. This picture is so full of win, it is in danger of spontaneously combusting into a giant flaming ball of awesomeness.

  2. They should try giving away promotional items. No wait, they are in the business of taking things away. No wonder no one was there.

  3. What was the occasion/context for the press conference? That would help leverage the picture in other venues.

  4. What was the occasion/context for the press conference?

    Judging from the picture on the monitor, they were announcing their state rankings for 2010.

  5. That’s it?

    I can get more people for a press conference on the importance of ear hair removal.

  6. Damn, I wish I had a digital camera from a few years back when Sarah Brady held a presser in 2007 in support of a MD state senate candidate (Jim Rosapepe) in Annapolis.

    The only people who showed up other than Pete Hamm and Ms. Brady were myself and Ginny Simone from NRA news.

    It was fucking sad then. Seems it’s only gotten worse for them. I love it.

  7. Assuming a reporter and/or photographer showed up and an article was published, odds are neither the photo nor the story revealed the emptiness of the room.

    1. How is sending a film crew to a press conference a matter of “spying?” And considering the NRA News crew wore their NRA News shirts in the middle of the anti-NRA protest in Pittsburgh, I doubt they as secretive as Paul wants to claim. If he was that unaware of who they were, then it’s likely that his new communication chick he brought on from Ft. Wayne wasn’t competent enough to identify them.

      I should add that going back to look at their claim of lies, it could easily be a matter of wording. There are independent cameramen, and there are also pool cameramen. Ever wonder how all networks get the exact same shot/angle of the same press conference? It’s because one cameraman is charged with getting video for everyone in the pool. If a reporter for Sirius/XM showed up and also happened to share their audio with Cam who hosts a show on the same network be considered a spy? Regardless, they had a press conference. They are just pissy that the only coverage came from NRA when they had their hopes up that CBS was going to do a big story. Of course, this also indicates that there was only one camera in the room. :)

  8. The NRA has a video of it.

    It always seems when he talks it looks like his face and neck muscles are really tight. Like they overdid the botox or somethnig. Does he have a nerve issue going on with his face or something?

  9. hahahaha! Read the article about the NRA ‘plant’ and it’s hilarious that they’re still using terms like ‘high-capacity ammunition’. Mine must be cheap stuff… mine only has one bullet per casing.

    Wait, high-capacity ammunition… is that 12ga birdshot?

  10. From Ladd Everitt at the CSGV:

    @bradybuzz We know how you feel…not too long ago, the #NRA sent a cameraman to one of our events. He lied about who hired him. #p2 #peace

    I wonder if as many people showed up to their ‘event’.

  11. The Brady Center thought that they could get away with their deception of a fake press conference because their supporters at CBS News would cover for them by not revealing to the public that Helmke was speaking to an empty room. Oops!

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