SOTU Before it Happens

National Journal has a leak of the State of the Union address tonight. There is no talk of gun control in it whatsoever. Not even a platitude. It’s actually not a bad speech. This is probably as close as I’m going to get to wanting to give Barry O a high-five. As for the Brady Campaign and MAIG? Yeah, it’s that time again:

Drink up guys! You deserve it. Don’t fret over getting stiffed by the President too much. After all, if he had gotten behind new gun control, it would have fired up our base and made a fool of a number of Senate candidates who are up in 2012.

5 thoughts on “SOTU Before it Happens”

  1. im not unsurprised (though i thought he might make a passing gesture about keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people). Obama wants to get re-elected; hes not going to waste a huge amount of political capital on an issue that isnt going to help in in 2012.

  2. You seem to have opened the Grand Marnier Cognac a little early! I am going to have a cigar, a snifter or 2 of cognac, and enjoy the entertainment. I do love a good speech and he is one of the better presenters. Toastmasters would be proud.

    I agree with you. Had the POTUS mentioned Gun Control, our base and gun sales and accessory sales would have went through the roof. Their side spent more of the Bloomberg money, but he has more than Satan. (Maybe he got it from Satan..Hmmmm. Demoncrats and Satan kind of fits.

  3. I warned against that gun-cleaning fluid! Montezuma is not even 100% pure agave, and HE has his revenge. At least Hoppes #9 smells like bananas and is probably even more drinkable. Grand Maya is a bit better – with notes of gasoline and all.

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