Performance Art That Will Get You Killed

SayUncle has an interesting story from New York:

Once the door shuts, he starts screaming to the top of his lungs to the people in the car about about something, some sort of pre-robbery speech. Then says it’s a robbery and pulls out his hand and it’s in a brown paper bag. I was a bit surprised that I stayed calm but I did. I discretely pulled my Cold Steel AK47 out of my pocket and stood between the guy and my wife evaluating what I was going to do and when. It was a pretty intense few seconds. Then the robber decides to inform us that he’s not a robber and it’s actually some sort of scare-tactic fundraising pitch for a homeless shelter.

Whoever thought this was a good idea ought to be slapped around. If Bloomberg’s subjects are this foolish, no wonder he doesn’t want people going about armed. In a lot of cities, this guy would be shot, and to be honest, he would have deserved it. Legally, it would have been self-defense. This is foolish beyond belief, even in New York, where there are still people walking around with deadly weapons.

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  1. ‘ Legally, it would have been self-defense.’

    I wasn’t sure about that in NYC. That and he was about 3 yards away is why he’s never wound up trying to hold his insides in.

  2. New York actually has pretty good self-defense law, despite being a PSH jurisdiction about weapons. Deadly force is permissible in New York to stop what you reasonably believe forcible felony with no duty to retreat.

    But the knife would have been illegal. Remember, Bernie Goetz beat the attempted murder and assault charges. They nailed him for carrying the gun he shot the guys with.

  3. I have the same feeling towards the ABC show on Friday night, “What Would You Do”, hosted by John Quinones. I know it is being filmed but some of the stuff is so outrageous it is a wonder no one has been hurt. I doubt Quinones could arrive fast enough to tell people it is only a setup if things went south (or as we in the south say, went north) real quick like.

  4. I’m surprised nobody cold-cocked him; around here if someone started doing that he’d probably end up on the ground in an armlock.

  5. I’m not a firearms maven, but I thought an AK-47 was an assault rifle. Would someone explain to me how one pulls an assault rifle “out of my pocket”?

  6. It’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out.

    Then it’s just fun

  7. I’ve always wanted to conceal-carry an AR-15. Somehow, to me at least, making a knife called the “AR-15” and putting it in my pocket, smacks of cheating.

    Heck, making an “AR-15” edition of a 1911, or a revolver, would also smack of cheating!

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