Crime Can Hit Close to Home

We’ve been having a rash of robberies in a neighboring township.

At an Exxon station near the 7-11, a thief recently made off with $1,000s and beating a clerk with a hammer.

In the 7-11 robbery, the clerk opened the door for the robber, which is normally locked due to several recent robberies. The camera captured the suspect hurdling the counter and brandishing what police said was a 6 inch revolver.

The suspect grabbed about $100 in cash before shooting the clerk and running away.

“As he is moving to the back of the store, he shoots him in the back, the bullet goes through his back and ends up being lodged in his chest,” said Lt. MacPherson.

I don’t live in a high crime area, but this highlights the importance of not getting complacent.  Given this guy has beaten one clerk with a hammer, and shot another, if I happen to be in a store when a robbery goes down, after reading this, I’m not giving the robber the benefit of doubt.  It’s important that we all be prepared, and carry at all times we’re legally able to. Even in normally quiet neighborhoods, you can attract the criminal element.