Gun Rights in the Budget Battle

Hardly surprising that our side would try to slip something in to the budget, but what’s more interesting is the reaction:

The administration also thwarted a GOP attempt to block new rules governing the Internet, as well as a National Rifle Association-backed attempt to neuter a little-noticed initiative aimed at catching people running guns to Mexican drug lords by having regulators gather information on batch purchases of rifles and shotguns.

What they are speaking of here is the requirement to cut off funds from ATF for implementing a multiple-sale reporting requirement, or put another way, back door registration, for long guns. This is already prohibited by federal law, but by specifically denying funding, anyone spending money even talking about it would technically be committing a crime.

Three possibilities here. One is that the Administration is planning to implement the long gun reporting requirement, which is sure to initiate a lawsuit by NRA. They got this funding restriction nixed because it would foil their plans. Two is that the Administration wants to be seen as standing up to the NRA on something by the people he’s been trying to appease, in an area that’s likely to go unnoticed, but could be pointed out to supporters of gun control. The third possibility is that it was just traded away as part of the negotiations by anti-gun lawmakers who just didn’t like it.

If I had to put money on it, I’d say the second and third possibilities seem most likely. But I would not say the first is unlikely.

2 Responses to “Gun Rights in the Budget Battle”

  1. Shawn says:

    They already have a registry. The illegal one they maintain that they only destroy (but probably keep several backups of) when they get called out on it. They don’t destroy those records in 24 hours like they are supposed to or do but not the photocopy they make. The FBI maintains a total regsitry. This is already well known. But its flawed in that it can’t track private transfers. Why do you think they wan’t to end private transfers so badly? So the FBI can have a complete registry of every gun and gun owner in America. So the anti’s if they win can have the wet dream of total confiscation and the outright total slaughter of all who resist. Anyone who doesn’t think anti’s don’t want the government to imprision or murder every gun owner in America is kidding themselves.

    Buy private and only private.

  2. Cargosquid says:

    “a little-noticed initiative aimed at catching people running guns to Mexican drug lords”

    So, they’re raiding ATF offices?