National Park Carry

Some of you remember I mentioned the date to look for on this issue was October the 10th, which has come and gone.  The problem, I’m told, is that there’s no rule about when rule changes have to go into effect once they are finalized.  Apparently ATF has had final rules pending for years.  I’m not sure how much leverage NRA is going to have with a lame duck administration, and it’s important to keep in mind that the NPS bureaucracy is very much against this rule change.  There’s a possibility there’s feet being dragged in the hopes that the next administration will be happy to kill the rule.  I sincerely hope we can get a new rule in there before the next administration.

4 thoughts on “National Park Carry”

  1. Unfortunatly, EVERYTHING is dragging. I have two rules I was promised months ago that aren’t out yet. One was cleared for signing last week, and was supposed to be signed tomorrow at a pre scheduled event but we were then told that it wouldn’t happen because of scheduling crunches.

    This administration is pathetic. I would chalk the delay on the NPS carry issue to nefrious intent so much as I would typical Bush administration incompetance.

    I still think it comes out, but probably not till after the election . . . Or perhaps in the last days of October (remember, all agency”s are still working off the Andrew Card imposed deadline to have final rules published by Nov 1 though they are now claiming it is just signed by Nov. 1)

  2. Well, my friends, yer speculated time frames have all but come and gone, and so on….
    But the powers that be interested in this thing, have surely been tied up in the election processes and schedules and wotnot, therefore “dragging the feets” so to speak. So rest assured that when they are able to get back to it….they will, what, with the lobbying and tactics to get er done. We shall have nat-park carry rights signed to law just in time for special christmas gift! The submittal of house bills (or what have you) are mandated to be rectified within the time constraints of the “current” administration. Some folks don’t like this fact, but our constitution, and all Americans who support it, shall again be proved to prevail on this all important Nat-Park issue.

    Remember, just as the DC folks were “preyed upon” …We pushed and prayed for them to have their rights restored..and by golly they did! Just as it should be.

    Greet you all in yellowstone with a smile, Real soon!

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