Ban Dassault Clips

Clearly we must rid of world of this menace, which waste our most precious resources. I can see no use for such pretentiousness, such gaudiness, and such… Frenchness. These Dassault Clip have no use other than to make it hurt a lot more if you fall into someone and jab them with the tail fin. Call your Congressman now. Only trained pilots and aviation mechanics should have these dangerous clips.

6 Responses to “Ban Dassault Clips”

  1. I never was a fan of delta winged jets anyway!

  2. flighterdoc says:

    LOL, Dassault clips ban themselves when they flame out and die….

  3. BrokenTrace says:

    Thanks Sebastian! This made my day.

  4. SPQR says:

    Its all a Mirage …