7 thoughts on “Worse Than Just Ammo”

  1. If they’re out of ammo, they’re ripe for america to re-invade. It would be a good time to take back CCCKalifornia from the Libtards and re-Americanize it.

  2. There are parts of California that I like, but they are not irreplaceable. Sell it (and it’s debt) to Mexico.

  3. The law is very, very poorly written (which may be intentional). However, carefully reading the black letter of the law shows that the expanded definition of “ammunition” only applies to prohibited persons. (See http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showpost.php?p=3185733&postcount=109 for the details.)

    Regardless, whether any mail order seller of bullets, magazines, etc. will care to learn the details enough to feel confident in shipping those items to CA is doubtful.

  4. Sell it to Mexico? I thought they were going to take over and rename us Aztlan.
    Seriously, this thing has the seeds of its own destruction written right into itself – because the CA legislators who wrote it are so inept.
    It expressly ignores out of sheer ignorance and the decidedly low-fruit approach to service that out Legislature produces – which are: illiterates, asses, idiots and nincompoops – Federal preemption statutes. Alan Gura is going to make a bundle of money off this.

  5. Blake,

    I think that’s the point that that effectively prohibits any mail order of those items unless there is definitive proof of the person not being ‘prohibited’.

    We all know how CA is in defining firearm laws as they choose.

  6. If anyone wants to contact me, I’ll be your black-market purchaser & mailer to your Kalifornication private address. . . .(snark off)

  7. “..projectile capable of being fired from a firearm with a deadly consequence. ”

    Flare (as a projectile from a gun), Arrow, BB, marble or rock (sling shot aka wrist rocket) all could have “a deadly consequence.”

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