Anti-Obama Ad

I thought this GOP attack ad against Obama was merely good, until it got to the end. Watch it.

The GOP has Obama riding a rainbow farting unicorn across the sky? Seriously? This is not the GOP I knew. But that’s OK, because I did not like that GOP much. I might not like this one much either when all is said and done, but kudos for using that.

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7 thoughts on “Anti-Obama Ad”

    1. Why is it disappointing? It’s still a web ad being released to point out the problems of his presidency. It’s just much more edgy with the comedy because it’s April 1, but it doesn’t change the substance or the fact that it was released.

  1. It was disappointing because I thought it was a fake ad. “No way would the wussies in the Republican Party actually make this ad.” And then when I saw it elsewhere and realized it wasn’t fake, I had already closed this page and knew there is no edit function anyway, so figured I’d just wait for someone to question me on it. :P

  2. I don’t give a crap if its real or not…I think its absolutely hilarious! Perfect! Would really like to see it as a commerical right after the continuing news series on CBS about project Gun-Walker…ha!

  3. Actually, I distinctly remember seeing ads as “edgy” during the last Presidential campaign. For me, one of the greatest annoyances of John McCain was to see a fantastic ad saying why we shouldn’t vote for Obama…only to be followed by an ad on why we should vote for McCain, that made me not want to vote for him.

    It’s one thing to make ads that skewer your opponent–and with Obama, that will always be easy–it’s quite another to make ads that actually offer policies that will be good for America!

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