16 thoughts on “You Can’t Remake Red Dawn”

  1. I suppose they’ll find some way for “right wing” Americans to be the bad guys this time. Either that, or righteous American freedom fighters will be explicitly presented as being exactly equivalent to Al Qaeda in Iraq. Or both.

    Read the lefty comments on that Drezner post. Same old same old.

  2. John Milius about as close as you come to a conservative in Hollywood made Red Dawn. I can’t imagine how this could turn out well in Hollyweird’s current environment: Liberal highschoolers resisting a right wing takeover? Some things need to left alone.

  3. The “Red Dawn” remake in real life was begun the second Tuesday of November of 2008. The “Wolverines” have just been renamed to “Tea Baggers.”

    (Yeah, that’s just a joke)

  4. I know someone who’s read the script and he said it’s the chinese and russians. Also said it wasn’t that bad. I work in the industry when I can but it’s been damn near dead since late last year.

    Rumor was parts would film up in michigan with their highly political connection based film incentive.

    I’m not too totally freaked as I was when I first got wind of it, but I’m not happy yet.

    You have to remember who the heads of these places are, the folks with cash. They stick to the same story as long as they can, remakes, reimaginings, retellings, and then and only then do they go out on a limb with a new story. Just like the antis.

    1. A new love story between the characters previously played by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, a number of foreign actors, and the girls waiting to be rescued instead of being fighters are just a few reasons I raise an eyebrow at it. If your friend really has read the script Tom, I’d love to know how they plan to deal with all of that. I’m just not imagining a group of freedom fighters who know how to use guns with Australian accents when those actors have had guns banned in their home country most of their lives. I know, that’s reading too much into it, but it’s one more thing that will break suspension of disbelief.

  5. I read they turned Swayze’s character into a serving Marine on leave…can’t have civilians taking on militaries.

    Kinda ruins the point of the movie.

  6. I’ll see what else I can find out for ya, plan on seeing him again next week sometime so check this for an update in about a week.

    Yeah, sounds ridiculous, but so did hugh jackman’s wolverine (foot taller, australian) but it wasn’t that SOD impacting. Yes, I read X-men in my younger days. Hell, the only movie I’m NOT seeing for the rape of the history was GI Joe. Screw the UN!

  7. “You can’t remake Red Dawn”

    Bullnuts! All ye need is a couple gun bloggers to write and direct. Maybe cast a few in the film…

  8. Unless it’s an alternate histroy film where the Soviets still invade, there’ s no way to do it without being completely stupid and alienating it’s target audience. The film will bomb without Commies, and how will the name “Red Dawn” make any sense if there’s no Reds?

  9. I am truly frightenend. I stumbled across the remake as I was googling Red Dawn itself. After watching the movie again, I forgot how inspiring it was. Made you feel proud to be an American, no holds barred, no liberal excuses made. They are remaking it with Obama in office and Tom Cruise’s adopted 14 year old scientologist son as one of the Wolverines. As probably the only conservative to come out of the NYC and Hollywood actor/model mill, I plan to research and fight this. Will no let one of my favorite movies turn into a platform to bash Christians, Americans, and Bill of Right believers.
    Brandon Marcel Gertz

  10. One of the great draws of Red Dawn was that it came out at the pinnacle of the Cold War. Reagan had called Russia an Evil Empire and then doubled down on defense spending. Kruschev’s promise to bury us had come to naught. And we had kicked their butt in Hockey in the last Olympics. There was an ongoing famine in Ethiopia so everyone knew what a famine was (reason for part of the invasion was a poor wheat crop in the Soviet Union). All of this real life events were woven into a feel-good America may get beat down, but we’ll kick your ass movie.

    There isn’t anything like that now to make it. Chinese and Russians working together? Only for those who don’t know that the Chinese and Russians hate each other with a passion (more than we hated the Soviets).

    I won’t get my hopes up, but I’ll probably see it anyway.

  11. Hmm…

    My guess is it’s going to be “Green Dawn” and it’s going to feature a bunch of environmental liberation evangelists attacking and over-throwing the United States in order to stop the destructive release of CO2.

    (Totally ignore the premise that removing the U.S. government would do little to reduce the CO2 emissions of the United States, unless you killed every American as well.)

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