Happy to Keep Disappointing

The Washington Post notes “childish intransigence of the National Rifle Association, which declined to participate in the administration’s “listening tour” on gun issues.” I’ve seen more childish intransigence from the Washington Post that they aren’t getting the gun control they want than I’ve seen from the NRA.

UPDATE: Chris Cox in Townhall in regards to some of Washington Post’s recent childishness. I really hope they are think up some new ways to make the media go off the deep end like they have with NRA’s rebuffing Obama. The ironic thing is, this kind of reactions plays right into NRA’s hands.

6 thoughts on “Happy to Keep Disappointing”

  1. Listening tour?

    I thinnk the phrase they were looking for was “echo chamber”.

  2. The Washington Post is in bed with the Obama administration.

    This is up on Drudge right now:
    “CLUB: Veteran WASH POST reporter To join White House staff…”

    To no one’s surprise, Biden’s getting a new communications director by way of the Washington Post.

  3. As long as the wrong-headed Obama administration persists in calling for more gun control, despite a US Supreme Court affirmation of the Second Amendment as an individual right, there is no common ground to seek.
    We have too much gun control, and none of it affects criminals. Any criminal who is not locked up can get a gun on the street and ATF’s billion-dollar a year budget hasn’t changed that. We can’t afford the stupid anymore.
    When the Obama administration wants to talk about the extent to which existing gun control laws can be rolled back, then it will be time to talk to them. Until then, it’s merely time for them to go, and 2012 can’t come soon enough.

  4. The NRA participating in the “listening tour” would be like the NAACP going to a Klan rally. Not. Going. To. Happen.

  5. I have four points to raise in response to the WP.

    1)D.C. v Heller was 5 to 4

    2)McDonald v Chicago was 5 to 4

    3)The dissent in McDonald v Chicago wanted to overturn D.C. v Heller!

    4)Obama’s appointee Justice Sotomayor, joined the dissent in McDonald v Chicago

    The Second Amendment hangs by a thread, and Obama is doing his damnedest to cut that thread. Screw him.

  6. The NRA leadership has been playing in the big leagues much longer than our president. They are smart enough to know not to go to a meeting at which they would merely serve as a photo prop & have to issue denials afterward about supporting any “agreement” that was issued as a result of the meeting. Pity neither Obama nor McCain was politically savvy enough to realized the trap W/Bush II laid for them when they both showed up & nodded at the TARP agreement meeting–both giving their tacit agreement to that boondoggle, which Obama then apparently felt duty bound to follow through on (though to by fair, he probably just didn’t have any ideas of his own.)

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