One thought on “More on SCCC Empty Holster Protest”

  1. We at the VCDL have been cheerleading them on as well. They are a very well structured, well organized group.

    Our president, Philip Van Cleave, has been quoted in numerous articles in the Collegiate Times, the student newspaper at VTech. You can follow that link and peruse the “news” and “opinions” sections to see how in earnest the SCCC is at that university.

    The SCCC has done a remarkable job in organizing this event. Their website had numerous guidelines and handouts relating to the event. This is WAY bigger and more structured than what they did back in October.

    A few other resources for those who wish to follow more closely what’s going on:

    National Homepage

    You’ll need a Facebook account for:

    The National Group
    The Virginia Tech Group

    Lord, I hope I got all that html coding right.

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