Castle Doctrine Passes Judiciary

From Senator Alloway:

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved legislation today sponsored by Senator Richard Alloway II (R-33) to expand the Castle Doctrine in Pennsylvania to protect gun owners who act in self-defense.

On to the Senate floor. The committee was a problem last session, but the makeup has improved a bit, and obviously it’s good news for the bill to have sailed though. It passed by a vote of 10-3. I’ll let you know who the three were when we get that information. There was an attempt to amend Florida Loophole, but the amendment was withdrawn.

UPDATE: Vote breakdown here.

7 thoughts on “Castle Doctrine Passes Judiciary”

  1. Nice…good first step. Glad the Florida-Loophole happy-horse-crap was knocked down too.

  2. The so-called “Florida Loophole” is actually illegal in Florida, so it’s a stupid, bullcrap name.

  3. This is good news, of course, but I think that stronger preemption language and removal of the “character and reputation” clause should be the top priority.

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