McCarthy and Friends

Babbling in the Congressional Record yesterday from McCarthy (D-NY) and Bill Pascrell (D-NJ):

Nearly 100,000 people are killed by guns every year. Over 260 people will be killed today by a gun.

– Bill Pascrell

That number keeps getting higher and higher doesn’t it? It’s a shame that’s nowhere near the real number killed by guns. In fact, it’s less than a third of that, and that’s including suicides. The number of homicides is about 1/10th that number.

This bill [HR 308] does not take away anyone’s right to own a gun. Let me make that very, very clear.

– Carolyn McCarthy

This is a bald faced lie.

To me, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in- clude being able to go grocery shopping on a Saturday or attend a public event on a Saturday afternoon without being gunned down.

– Carolyn McCarthy

Funny she should seek refuge in a document that stands as a justification for a violent revolution against the established order, yet I’m sure would condemn anyone who suggest other parts of the document as a source of morality for owning firearms. Her friend Pascrell suggests Congress takes an oath to these words “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” which makes on question whether he knows this is part of the Declaration of Independence, rather than the Constitution that they do take an oath to. Well, considering the Second Amendment is definitely part of that oath, it wouldn’t be surprising if he has no idea.

Lies and ignorance. That’s all they have to offer.

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  1. The best way to avoid being gunned down is to be able to return fire if it should become necessary.
    Apparently, McCarthy wants to ban all guns completely, since she has no intention of doing anything else to be able to protect herself. She’s a one trick pony and the public is getting tired of her same, old trick.

  2. “A hundred-million-billion people are killed by guns every minute! Fifty million people will die in the time it takes me to parrot this lie!”

    “To me, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in- clude being able to go grocery shopping on a Saturday or attend a public event on a Saturday afternoon without being gunned down.”

    McCarthy must never do any of these things, because if she did, she would be well aware that nobody would gun her down for it. She probably has servants who do that stuff for her.

  3. In another place he said 100,000 are shot every year, but you quoted him correctly. He obviously meant shot, not killed. Rather than malice and lies, I see an incredible sloppiness and stupidity. Guys like that are bad news for the cause of gun control. You’re very right to point it out.

    The other thing that you called a lie though, I don’t know. It’s a pretty wild statement to say I’d llike to go shopping without being gunned down, but I fail to see the lie. People are gunned down. Her colleague in Tuscon was one recently.

  4. Sorry, the lie was above, not below. I’ve pointed out her bill would ban a number of antique and historic firearms, and replicas thereof. Even Nappen, who is actually an attorney who is the resident expert on New Jersey’s gun laws (no small task) basically echoed the same sentiment, so I’m pretty confident I’m correct on this.

  5. Mike,

    Since the chance of a person, who doesn’t have a prior violent criminal history or is a close associate of persons with violent criminal histories, being “gunned down while going shopping or attending a public event” approaches the chance of being struck by lightning while doing so, and McCarthy is or should be aware of that fact, I’d say it’s at best an asinine statement, if not a lie by omission of reality.

  6. About the comment by Bill Pascrell: “”Nearly 100,000 people are killed by guns every year. Over 260 people will be killed today by a gun.””

    Perhaps he meant in the entire world, not just the USA?

  7. We know 100,000 is too high, but when you multiply 260/day x 365days/year you get 219,000 more than double the stated number, which is more than 10 x the real number.

    I guess they have already banned high-capacity mathematics…

  8. The lies are not accidental as mike would have you believe. They are intentional and they repeat them even after being corrected.

    Lying is essential to the gun controllers arguments.

  9. The number for 2007, as reported by the CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control is 31,224.

    That’s ALL deaths by Firearms for ALL ages.

    It breaks down like this:
    Unintentional: 613
    Homicide: 12,632
    Legal Intervention (LEO): 351
    Suicide: 17,352
    Undetermined intentions: 276

    IT’s 85.5 Per Day in aggregate.

  10. In addition, if you do the numbers by year, you’ll see a steady decrease overall and in most categories over time.

  11. Mikeb302000,

    People are gunned down

    I’m confused Mikeb302000, you’ve often stated that the chance of being murdered is less than the chance of being struck by an asteroid.

    Now you are saying that people are gunned down — isn’t that something that people should take precautions against?

    So, either we carry our firearms and don’t cause problems ( more likely to be hit by a meteor) or people are using firearms to commit murder — in which case it makes sense for people to carry firearms for protection.

    So which is it Sparky?

  12. Consodering that she is aparently one of the nastier pieces of work (toward her staff) in congress, maybe in her mind(an oxy-moron, heh) she is justified for wanting everyone one to be disarmed(except for her bodyguards of course).

  13. You’re right Bob, I have said there’s no reason to carry a gun because, as Matthew Carberry confirmed, the chances of being shot are minimal. That’s why I’m opposed to what you guys preach. But if Congresswoman McCarthy is afraid of this, perhaps because of what happened to her husband, I fail to see it as a lie. That was my point, which I think Sebastian acknowledged.

  14. You have to give McCarthy credit. She turned lemons (her husband and son being shot by a deranged Colin Furgeson) to lemonade (Congressonal seat, lifetime pay and benefits). Other than that she only has one tune…gun control. People om LI will eventually see how usless she is and dump her. She’ll sill collect the paycheck and benefits… What a deal

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