Castle Doctrine Passes Senate Committee

This is great news. The Senate Committee was most hostile. I’ve been unplugged enough I forgot to update everyone that there was going to be a vote. It passed 13-1 out of committee.

More importantly, there’s no Florida Loophole fix attached to the bill, for those who were insistent that the deal was in the works to do that.

Now it’s onto the Senate floor where hopefully this will gain quick passage and be off to Governor Corbett.

8 thoughts on “Castle Doctrine Passes Senate Committee”

  1. F***ing A! Awesome. I see that Chairman Greenleaf had a change of heart and voted for CD. He was wavering a bit last year…hopefully something or someone talked some sense into his noggin!

    The only Sen voting against it was the douchebag from Philly…Hughes. He was highlighted here on PA Gun Rights talking about the “Wild, Wild West”…whata dumbass!

    Thanks for the update!

  2. “insistent that the deal was in the works to do that”

    How about, “for those who took the word of the President Pro Tempore that the deal was being discussed behind the scenes”.

    Either Senator Scarnati is a liar, or the NRA-ILA is simply saving face by giving up on it after their back-room deal got hosed by being mentioned publicly and widely criticized.

  3. Castle doctrine is nice and all, but what about statewide preemption that actually preempts? Castle doctrine is useless to me here in Philly if the PPD can deny me a LTCF for failing to pay a parking ticket (or whatever excuse they can conjure up….).

  4. If I were NRA, I’d go after that next. In fact, I’d go after several improvements we’ve been wanting, including preemption, the stupid State Police registration scheme, and making PA truly shall-issue with no discretion whatsoever.

    We’ll still have the fact that the Senate Judiciary committee has a hard on for this Florida issue, but to be honest, if the problems were actually fixed, I could care less if Florida Loophole was amended. The issue there has always been Florida is a relief valve for dealing with the fact that Philly does not issue licenses in a truly shall-issue manner. If they were forced to, and if the preemption had teeth, that would largely be a moot issue.

  5. They can go ahead and close the Florida “loophole” for all I care, so long as they’re willing to close the “character and reputation” loophole along with it.

  6. Good on that! I can’t wait to see the wringing of hands in the Anti-gun Sphere.

    Seriously “Florida Loophole” just shows what idiots the anti-gunners are in PA. What we need is full-faith-and-credit for gun permits….you know like my driver’s license or my Marriage license, or my College Degree.

    oddly enugh I don’t drive into a parking meter as soon as cross a state line, why should I suddenly start a shooting spree because I crossed from Mass into Connecticut.


  8. Frankly, I would oppose a “florida-loophole” fix no matter what other changes to law were made.

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